East Frisia

Warm hospitality in the north-west corner of Germany

There is so much to see and do in the varied landscape of East Friesland. Located between the mainland and the East Frisian islands is the Wadden Sea, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site – a habitat for common and grey seals and a breeding ground and resting place for millions of waterfowl and wading birds. Dead-straight fen canals, hedge-topped embankments and moorland are characteristic features of the East Frisian landscape behind the dykes. If you take a look further south, you'll find enchanting parks dotted with huge rhododendron bushes.

There are no hills to speak of in East Friesland, which means it is a dream destination for cyclists. Few regions in Germany have cycle routes as varied and well-signposted as those in the region between the Dollart inlet and Jadebusen bay. East Friesland's cycle trails pass through fertile marshland, fens and sandy heathland, some on the coast and some inland, and are suitable for short rides or longer tours over several days.  The Ostfrieslandtouren cycling tours come highly recommended: they cover four different themes and are a fantastic way to explore the whole of the peninsula.

There are myriad ways to experience the culture and heritage of East Friesland. Medieval churches, old brick farmhouses, mills, lighthouses, theatres, countless museums and art galleries shape the cultural landscape. History buffs might like to embark on a discovery tour to learn about the times of the Friesische Freiheit (Frisian freedom). A number of castles and stately homes bear witness to the former family clans of East Friesland. The East Frisian teetied, or tea time, is a charming tradition and still an important part of social gatherings in the region. East Friesland is deserving of its reputation as tea country – there are few places where so much is consumed. As well as their love for tea, the locals also have a deep affection for their language. East Friesland is the only region in northern Germany where plattdeutsch (low German dialect) is consistently spoken in everyday circles –and you'll hear it on every corner.

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