East Frisia

BadeWerk Neuharlingersiel

If you want to relax and give your health a boost, look no further than the BadeWerk thalassotherapy spa in Neuharlingersiel. It is the only establishment in Germany to have been awarded five Medical Wellness stars four times. The Wellness Star quality marque is bestowed upon quality-certified establishments that provide a wellness experience second to none. BadeWerk Nueharlingersiel offers a perfect combination of medical and spa treatments. Here, visitors can enjoy all the elements of thalassotherapy in harmony with nature: swimming, saunas, massages, beauty therapies, medical treatments and exercise classes. BadeWerk Neuharlingersiel offers its visitors special thalassotherapy treatments with genuine Neuharlingersiel mud, a fantastic sauna complex with six saunas, and an indoor seawater pool, which is heated to 30°C.  
The emphasis is on using local natural remedies for massages and treatments, such as sea water and 400-year-old Neuharlingersiel mud. There are changing rooms for disabled visitors in the swimming area as well as wheelchairs for hire. There are also toilets for disabled visitors, and a number of treatment rooms have wheelchair access.


  • Wheelchair user
  • Walking handicapped person
  • Family with little Children
  • Elderly people
  • Blind
  • Depth people

BadeWerk Neuharlingersiel
Edo-Edzards-Straße 1
26427 Neuharlingersiel

Telefon: 0 49 74 / 1 88 60