East Frisia

Emden Kunsthalle (art gallery)

Renowned all over Germany, the Kunsthalle and its affiliated art school are the legacy of Henri and Eske Nannen. Henri Nannen, the founder of the German news magazine STERN, opened a gallery for his art collection, primarily classical modernism, in his home town of Emden in 1986. Since 2000, the holdings also extend to works of post-1945 art thanks to donations by the Munich gallery owner Otto van de Loo.
The Emden Kunsthalle regularly hosts exhibitions by famous artists. Access to the gallery is disabled-friendly (no steps). Two lifts connect the ground floor with the upper floor, and there is a disabled toilet. Wheelchairs and wheel walkers are available for hire. Sound shuttles, microport systems and audio guides are available for people who are hard of hearing. Special tours are also offered for visitors with learning difficulties or mental disabilities. 

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Emden Kunsthalle art gallery

  • Blind
  • Family with little Children
  • Walking handicapped person
  • Depth people
  • Learning-disabled
  • Wheelchair user
  • Elderly people

Kunsthalle in Emden
Hinter dem Rahmen 13
26721 Emden

Telefon: 0 49 21 / 97 50 50