East Frisia

Hobbie Rhododendron Park in Westerstede

At 70 hectares the Hobbie Park in Linswege is the largest rhododendron park in Germany and one of most beautiful anywhere in Europe. A 2.5km circular trail takes visitors through the park. The show garden provides a good example of the diversity of rhododendrons, of the variety of petal colours, variations and countless leaf shapes and growing habits.
The paths through the park are generally accessible and suitable for wheelchair users. There is a disabled toilet.

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Hobbie Rhododendron Park in Westerstede

  • Blind
  • Family with little Children
  • Walking handicapped person
  • Depth people
  • Wheelchair user
  • Elderly people
  • Wheelchair user
  • Walking handicapped person
  • Learning-disabled


Rhododendronpark Hobbie
Alpenrosenstraße 7
26655 Westerstede (Linswege)

Telefon: 0 44 88 / 22 94