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Emder Matjesfest (Emden)


From 05. to 07.06.20 everything in Emden is again about small fish, because the Matje Days are celebrated in the seaport city of Emden. They are based on an over 450-year-old tradition of herring fishing in Emden. This ensured many families their daily wage and bread. In 1969 the East Frisian herring fishery was relocated to Bremerhaven. For this reason, the city fathers of Emden decided to commemorate the old tradition with the Matje festival.

Many traditional ships from Germany and abroad will moor in the inland port and Ratsdelft on these days and bring a breath of the long gone seafaring romanticism back to the city.

In the evening, various live bands will provide the right entertainment and contribute to the amusement of strolling around the festival grounds.


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Matjesfest in Emden


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