The Eifel

National Park Gate Nideggen

"Nature's treasure trove" the title of the exhibition at the newest National Park Gate in Nideggen. It will open visitors' eyes to the incredible inventiveness of nature and to the diverse benefits it holds for us all. An example is the organisation of shoals of fish being copied by logistics specialists. Insects' legs show how energy-efficient and strong movement can be. Tactile and acoustic exhibits help you assimilate knowledge through play.

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Nationalpark-Tor Nideggen

  • Wheelchair user
  • Walking handicapped person
  • Family with little Children
  • Elderly people
  • Blind
  • Depth people


Nationalpark-Tor Nideggen
Im Effels 9
 52385 Nideggen
GPS-Koordinaten: N 50° 41.143333 E 6° 28.966667

Tel.: 0049 2427. 3301150 
Fax: 0049 2427. 3301295

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