Hanse- und Universitätsstadt Rostock

Strandoase Treichel

Let yourself fall, breathe the fresh air, hear the sound of the sea and relax on the beach of Warnemünde. We have everything you need:

  •  new beach baskets
  • barriere-free facilities 
  • fixed route to the shore of the Baltic Sea
  • small snacks and drinks
  • pedal boats of fun for big and small

Our friendly staff awaits you at the beach of Warnemünde beach access 4-5, near Teepott, opposite the Hotel Bellevue.

Our opening times: 1 March to 15 November

Please note that online reservation will only be available from 15 April.

(c) Strandoase Treichel/ Thomas Deter

Strandoase Treichel in Warnemünde

  • Wheelchair user
  • Walking handicapped person
  • Learning-disabled
  • Family with little Children
  • Elderly people
  • Allergic person
  • Blind
  • Depth people

Strandoase Treichel
Georginenplatz 2
18119 Rostock Warnemünde

Telefon: 0381/ 4405435
Telefax: 0381/ 4444 009


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