Erfurt Art Museum

Built in 1705 and once a packing and weighing house for the Electorate of Mainz, the Anger Museum is one of central Germany's most beautiful secular builings from the baroque period. It is now home to Erfurt's art museum and has much to offer its visitors: a medieval collection, a picture gallery (17th century to present day), crafts and historical rooms (16th century to present day), the 'Heckel room' (containing the most important surviving murals of German Expressionism), paintings by Cranach and a collection of prints and drawings. There is also a display area for temporary exhibitions. 

The Angermuseum is situated beside the Anger close to Erfurt train station and the town hall. 

Offers for: Wheelchair drivers, People with a disability in walking, Deaf people, Aurally-impaired people

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  • Wheelchair user
  • Walking handicapped person
  • Elderly people
  • Depth people



Anger 18

99084 Erfurt 

Telephone: +49 (0) 361 / 6 55 16 40

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