Old Synagogue Erfurt


The Old Synagogue is one of very few preserved medieval synagogues in Europe. Thanks to the extensive preservation of the original structure, it has a special place in the history of art and architecture and is among the most impressive and highly rated architectural monuments in Erfurt and Thuringia.

After extensive restoration, the building was reopened in 2009. On display in the exhibition rooms is an extensive collection of medieval treasures discovered during archaeological excavations. This includes 3,140 silver coins, 14 silver ingots, approx. 6,000 works of goldsmithery from the 13th and 14th centuries and an intricately worked wedding ring of the period, of which only two others are known to exist anywhere in the world. A mikveh (Jewish bath) has been excavated close by (13th/14th century).

The Old Synagogue is the first museum in Germany to offer video guides. Guide dogs are allowed.

Offers for: Wheelchair drivers, People with a disability in walking, Deaf people, Aurally-impaired people
Services provided: special individual assistance for disabled visitors

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Old Synagogue

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Old Synagogue Erfurt
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