Elbauen Park and the Millennium Tower

Magdeburg's Elbauen Park is a particularly special destination for visitors, with state-of-the-art landscaping covering some 100 hectares. 
The park was created in 1999 on a former military site in the east of Magdeburg for the 25th Federal Garden Show, and is now one of the region's most popular destinations with an array of crowd-pulling attractions. 
Visitors flock to enjoy the site's former shooting ramparts – now converted into a leafy play area – the tropical butterfly house and the wonderful lakeside stage. From the monorail they can enjoy great views of the whole park.
Elbauen Park's most striking attraction is the 60-metre-high Millennium Tower, which houses an interactive exhibition tracing 6,000 years of science and technology. The Millennium Tower is also the tallest wooden tower in the world and has become a new landmark in Magdeburg.

Elbauenpark mit Jahrtausendturm

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