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Bird island on Lake Altmühl

Over 200 hectares of islands and shallow waters in Lake Altmühlsee are given over to a bird sanctuary that covers around two fifths of the lake's surface.

The conservation zone is made up of ecologically important and sensitive areas, including open waters, shallow waters, reed beds, marshlands and thicket, all of which provide habitat to an extraordinarily diverse collection of flora and fauna. The lake is divided into a recreation zone and a sizeable, largely undisturbed conservation zone. This strict separation has helped the man-made conservation site to become a major breeding ground and roosting place for upwards of 210 different species of birds every year. These include a great number of endangered waterfowl and waders, some of which breed here or use the area as an important stepping stone on their long journey south for winter. Since 2006, Lake Altmühlsee has also been home to a pair of white-tailed eagles. As the ecological community becomes established, the island habitat is attracting more and more songbirds too. The Vogelinsel (bird island) can be explored on a 1.5km loop trail that is suitable for wheelchairs. There is also an accessible viewing tower offering extensive views across the island conservation zone.

As well as the island, you can visit the LBV bird conservation society's exhibition in the Umweltstation (eco station) in the town of Muhr am See. This looks at the habitat of Lake Altmühlsee and the fascinating phenomenon of bird migration, and it provides detailed information on the water transfer system in the Franconian Lakes.

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Bird island on Lake Altmühl

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Umweltstation Altmühlsee im Altmühlsee-Informationszentrum
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