Museum HopfenBierGut Braukessel
Franconian Lakes

The HopfenBierGut Museum

at the Kornhaus in Spalt

Once a granary – today an exciting multimedia museum

The historical Kornhaus, a former granary, provides the perfect venue for the modern multimedia displays of the HopfenBierGut Museum. The signs of wear and tear on the old beams and the traditional green coat of paint in the vast storage and drying rooms bear witness to the centuries-old history of Spalt as a brewers’ town, and are as much a part of the exhibition as the technical installations.
Embark on a fascinating journey through the traditional and the modern. A lift provides easy access to all floors of the building.
Discover how the town and its surrounding region have been shaped by hops and beer.
Sample the beer from Germany’s only municipal brewery and see how Spalt has mastered this ancient craft.
Marvel at the Kornhaus, a historic building with impressive architecture that is one of the town’s most cherished attractions.
After the tour comes the tasting: at the ProBierBar on the ground floor, you get to sample a Spalt beer (200ml) in a HopfenBierGut glass that is yours to take home as a souvenir.
As well as the ProBierBar, the museum has a shop that sells products from the region. 
It also has its own brewery facilities, offering individual brewing courses and beer tasting events for those who wish to try their hand at this ancient craft.

Brigitte Behr

Museum HopfenBierGut virtueller Hopfengarten

Brigitte Behr

Museum HopfenBierGut Kartentisch

  • Wheelchair user
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  • Learning-disabled
  • Elderly people
  • Allergic person


Museum HopfenBierGut im Kornhaus
Gabrieliplatz 1
91174 Spalt

Telefon : 0 9175/796550

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